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PFPFINEXHSJ1WB - PowerFactor Freestyle Exhaust System, Yamaha, with Power Box

PowerFactor Yamaha Freestyle Exhaust System with Power Box
Sales price: $1,524.00

PFPFINEXHSJ1WB: PowerFactor Yamaha Freestyle Exhaust System with Power Box (Chambers and manifolds are not sold separately. Chambers come in silver, no powder coating. If a customer would like their chamber painted black, a special request needs to be made and additional charges will apply) The ultimate freestyle exhaust system. Designed for flat water freestyle and free ride, the PFP exhaust optimizes the power band of most modified jet ski engines. The exhaust manifold bolts up to any Yamaha 701 exhaust bolt pattern. PFP also produces an adapter plate that bolts to any Polaris 700/800 exhaust pattern. The PowerFactor dry exhaust, is designed so nothing interferes with the engines top end. This allows for any combination of top ends (Bore, Stroke, and Exhaust Valves, etc). It also allows easy access to engine components. The exhaust will fit most hulls, Yamaha SuperJet, Polaris Octane, XScream Hulls, Lenzi Hulls, RRP Hulls, and EME Hullls. For answers to some common questions about this exhaust system, click on the FAQ on the top of the home page. Click to see Water Routing Diagram Click to see Exhaust kit installation Guide